Our Mission

Inspired by First Lady Barbara Bush’s passion to boost literacy, Curiosity Cruiser’s mission is straightforward, yet powerful.

We seek to improve the quality of life for Houston children by:

Providing free books

Thanks to the generous donations of partners, sponsors, and neighbors, area children who need books can now have access to them.

Curiosity Cruiser - Providing free books

Activating imaginations

By creating a fun, safe space for kids to hang out and read with their peers, Curiosity Cruiser encourages diving into stories, sharing their favorite scenes, asking questions, and laughing out loud. And as they explore stories ranging from adventure and mystery to humor and fantasy, their creativity will only continue to grow.

Curiosity Cruiser - Activating imaginations

Increasing Confidence

When children read regularly, they improve their knowledge and skills and perform better in school. They also gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world around them. With these qualities, our children can feel ready to take on the universe.

Curiosity Cruiser - Increasing Confidence

Teaching That Smart is Cool

Too often, today’s children face pressure to put their own talents aside to fit in with the group. With Curiosity Cruiser and the help of our teenage ambassadors, we seek to show kids that reading, learning, and preparing for their futures are the coolest things one can do.

Curiosity Cruiser - Teaching That Smart is Cool
Curiosity Cruiser - Providing free books
Curiosity Cruiser - Activating imaginations
Curiosity Cruiser - Increasing Confidence
Curiosity Cruiser - Teaching That Smart is Cool

Programs at a Glance

Thanks to the imaginations behind the Harris County Public Library, Curiosity Cruiser offers a fantastic variety of weekly learning programs, helping children ages 5-13 to:

Improve language skills.

By reading a range of stories, children develop stronger oral and written skills and broaden their vocabulary.

Inspire creativity.

From LEGOs to 3D printers, we give children the tools they need to bring their best ideas to life.

Express themselves.

Beyond the written story, we enable children to share their own stories in a positive, new way—through art, movement, music, and more.

Discover visual arts.

We help children discover the art of photography, past and present, by recreating historical photographs with costumes and props and checking out current-day methods and editing.

Gain social skills.

Through team-based activities, children work together to accomplish common goals and learn the value of teamwork.

Problem solve.

Through modern technology and old-fashioned observation, we promote critical thinking—even offering a program that allows children to solve a crime from start to finish!


Curiosity Cruiser is a state-of-the-art mobile library that provides Houston children with access to books and exciting educational programs that integrate reading with science, math, technology, writing, and the arts.

Harris County Public Library

The Harris County Public Library system provides a broad range of traditional and online library services through 26 branch libraries in Harris County, Texas.