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Looking to journey through new worlds,

Meet new characters, encounter new cultures, and have all kinds of fun adventures?

1. Free book for children to read and build their very own home libraries. 2. A fun, safe space to explore and learn. 3. A variety of hands-on activities in science, math, technology, reding, writing, and the arts. 4. Family reading events and workshops.

Through the everyday power of reading and the incredible smarts of Owlbotron and Northtale, the Curiosity Cruiser mobile library provides our neighbors in the greater Houston area with all this and more!

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With lots of brainpower and hearts of gold, Owlbotron and Northtale help kids discover a true love of reading—and their own special powers within.

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Curiosity Cruiser - Meet the Heroes

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Would you like to see Curiosity Cruiser help even more children and families? With your support, we can supply more books, more learning and activities, and even more opportunities for Houston children to prepare for a bright future.

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Curiosity Cruiser - Support the Mission
Curiosity Cruiser - Meet the Heroes
Curiosity Cruiser - Support the Mission

Cruise the Calendar




Riley Chambers Summer Camp

7/22/24 9:00 am - 7/22/24 10:30 am

808 1/2 Magnolia Ave Crosby, Texas 77532



Academic Romper Room (By Enrollment only)

7/23/24 9:15 am - 7/23/24 11:00 am

13712 Walters Rd # 110, Houston, TX 77014

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Curiosity Cruiser is a state-of-the-art mobile library that provides Houston children with access to books and exciting educational programs that integrate reading with science, math, technology, writing, and the arts.

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