Meet the Heroes

Owlbotron and Northtale,
the superhero forces behind
Curiosity Cruiser’s wheels.

With practical powers and good hearts, this fighting-for-literacy duo inspires Houston children to develop a love of reading and gain access to great books and opportunities—leading to lifelong learning and the ability to reach their fullest potential in life.

Curiosity Cruiser - Owlbotron


Species: Super Owl
Interests: Stories, art, music, history
Powers: Flight, lighting the way for children
Original identity: Oliver Owens, middle school student

Strong and full of goodwill, Owlbotron seeks to bring knowledge and power into children’s lives through the power of reading. But he wasn’t always this strong. Behind his impressive height, robot armor, and ability to fly lies a young boy named Oliver (“Ollie”) with a set of struggles shared by many other children.

Before Ollie was Owlbotron, he faced challenges in math and science. As much as he wanted to fly with the rest of the birds, he just didn’t have the right skills. And while he was friendly and had cool hobbies like playing instruments, writing poetry, and art, there were a few kids who teased him.

But one fateful day, the wise Northtale, after seeing Ollie’s struggles, guided him to just the right book, meant only for him—and he was forever changed.

Since then, Owlbotron and Northtale are a team, together using their special powers to help children across Houston overcome their own struggles and develop stronger levels of self-confidence and skills to achieve their big dreams. His secret? Drawing upon the power of all the great stories he’s read to brighten their path — and of course, guiding them to just the right books.

Curiosity Cruiser - Owlbotron
Curiosity Cruiser - Northtale


Species: Super Fox
Interests: Science, technology, engineering, math
Powers: Navigation, gadget building
Original identity: Ms. Mapp, middle school librarian

As a librarian, Ms. Mapp quietly oversees the school library, helping spark students’ imaginations through wonderful stories. But when a child needs help finding a different, brighter path … watch out! As a superhero, the wise Northtale is dedicated to fulfilling the potential she sees in children, equipping them with the literary tools they need to open doors, discover talents, and dream bigger. And as the primary driver of the Curiosity Cruiser, she always knows exactly where to find them.

While Northtale’s origins remain a mystery, her excellent instincts and problem-solving skills are on full display in every mission. After all, while some simply saw Ollie struggling in school, she saw the true power inside him. And thanks to her background in STEM, her ability to engineer gadgets with nearby resources is invaluable in their shared quest to spread new opportunities and the joy of reading to children around Houston.

Curiosity Cruiser - Northtale
Curiosity Cruiser - The Cruiser

The Cruiser

Species: Cruiser Curioisous
Interests: Visiting a neighborhood or community center near you….with 274 visits in 2021!
Powers: Giving away books- 24,278 books given away in 2021.
Spotted by: 23,572 kids in 2021.

The cruiser has it’s origins as a plain ole’ Freightliner but with Northtale and Owlbotron’s ingenuity its’ become a fully customized and designed vehicle to fight for literacy! With the miles needed to cover our area, we’ve added a sidekick in a former Ford Transit to double our capacity to spread books and literacy all over Harris County!

Curiosity Cruiser - The Cruiser


Curiosity Cruiser is a state-of-the-art mobile library that provides Houston children with access to books and exciting educational programs that integrate reading with science, math, technology, writing, and the arts.

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